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About the Bicycle Institute: 

BISA represents every-day riders across Adelaide. We are riders who pop to the shop, ride our kids to school or commute to work. We advocate for a connected, direct, safe and pleasant bike network in Adelaide. Why? Because we love it (obviously) but also because we know it is great for people and people are what cities are all about.

BISA is a voluntary, not-for profit, membership based association run by volunteers for all riders in SA. Read BISA’s history and Constitution.

Free BISA Membership and why it’s important to sign up

BISA has achieved a great deal for South Australian cyclists since we started out in 1974. These days membership of BISA is FREE! This does not mean it is not important or lacks value! Your membership provides BISA with a constituency – a body of opinion, collective experience  and mutual support that allows us to continue important bike advocacy work and brings you together as a strong cycling community.

BISA members include young and old, regular and occasional cyclists, commuters, shoppers, cycle tourists and those interested in advocacy. So please join us. Riders unite!

Use the Contact Us page if you need to send a message to members of the BISA Committee.

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