State Bike Fund: ‘Where’s the money gone…?’

The State Bicycle Fund, which provides annual grants to Councils to assist with the building and maintenance of bicycle and Active Transport infrastructure – bike paths, ramps, ‘cut throughs’, road crossings, bike parking, signs etc – has seen a massive cut of approx. 85% in the 2018 Budget.

We hear that less than $300,000 will be available to be shared amongst Council’s across the state. This is only about 12-15% of what’s been available for the last decade and will very likely see the maintenance and further development of Adelaide’s bike network stall and regress!

If you’d like to email Transport Minister Stephan Knoll to protest this very damaging cut to the State Bicycle Fund and request it’s reinstatement, PortBUG has provided a ‘form letter’ you can use.

Just click on the website link below, copy the text and the Minister’s address into your email, personalise as you wish and send. See here.