Advocating for a bridge to connect the RAH and River Torrens

How to create a cycling city: spend on important infrastructure to create direct and safe bike routes. 

Thank you to Ian for putting together his thoughts on the importance of a pedestrian and cyclist bridge to connect the RAH with the River Torrens path for state and local decision makers who will today receive the below email:

Letter to Parliamentarians and elected members re RAH bridge

I’m writing to you to put the case for a pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the railway yards, linking the River Torrens and the medical and university precinct on North Terrace.

The River Torrens Linear Park has the potential to be the most popular cyclist commuter route in Adelaide, providing a safe and tranquil route from both the western and eastern suburbs.

The problem is the connection between the Park and the CBD.  While cyclists riding to destinations east of Kintore Avenue are reasonably catered for (though Frome Road still leaves much to be desired) there is no route to destinations west of Kintore Avenue that would not be too intimidating for most people.  Since the closure of the Festival Drive/ Station Road link a few years ago, cyclists have had to brave the buses and general traffic of King William Road, or (via a circuitous route), the traffic of Montefiore Road to Hindley Street.

We feel particularly for employees of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, who used to have high cycling commuter levels when the hospital was located at the eastern end of North Terrace.  Now employees from eastern suburbs have no route that does not involve high levels of traffic and roads without even bike lanes.  Those from the west have fare better, but still have to ride on Port Road, which would be highly intimidating for most people.

The situation has become more pressing since the relocation of the hospital, as medical and other university-related activities have been progressively established at the western end of North Terrace.

We urge you to support a pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the railway yards to the hospital.  We understand that Renewal SA has prepared plans for a 3.5m wide bridge that would cost about $17m.

In the light of the $100m+ sums being for intersection “upgrades” paid to encourage more cars on our roads, this is a modest price to pay to encourage transport that is much healthier, both for our residents and our environment.

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