BISA’s feedback on options for King William Rd

It is great to see Unley Council, led by their passionate cycling Mayor Michael Hewitson, continuing to implement their Bicycle Strategy. The latest round of consultation proposed two options for King William Road; upgrades which aim to increase safety and convenience for riders connecting to the Mike Turtur Bikeway.

Option one proposed a 4 metre wide shared use path and option two proposed a protected on-road bikeway on the western side and a bike lane on the eastern side. Fay Patterson, Cycling and Walking engineer, prepared our response. She explains why on-road protected bikeways are preferable and suggests design improvements to provide a protected bikeway on both the eastern and the western sides.

The full submission is available via the below link.

202011 King Wiliiam Rd Unley

Things are certainly looking bright for the residents of Unley and for those of us who regularly cycle through the area.

Thank you to all Councillors, and Mayor Hewitson. You are leading the way.