Bike Advocacy

Under construction – August 2018

These pages record under specific pages, some of the work BISA has recently undertaken (or that remain current) to improve conditions for bicycle use across Adelaide and South Australia.

BISA engages in a wide variety of actions. Some tend to involve shorter-term activities – responding to specific issues, proposals or actions, or providing commentary in the consultation phases of Government or Council projects and planning processes. Examples include our liaison with DPTI and Councils over specific road and pathway design and construction issues.

Other actions can involve ongoing strategies, often initiated by BISA and aimed at longer-term outcomes and processes that require coordination over time. Examples include projects aimed at significant change to planning or engineering practices or perhaps the scope of overall provision for bicycle use across Adelaide. The provision of an expanded Greenway Network, the roll-out of secure parking cages, increasing the size of the State Bicycle Fund and BISA’s strategies for supporting BUGs are examples.