Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) form a network of contacts for local cycling issues throughout South Australia.

Please send your BUGs details or any corrections to BISA secretary at secretary@bisa.asn.au



Contact Person

Contact details

Adelaide City Council Currently unknown
Adelaide Uni Waite Campus Ryan Farquharson ryan.Farquharson@csiro.au
Charles Sturt Giulio Ponte https://www.facebook.com/groups/westsidebug/
City of Adelaide Heather adlbug@internode.on.net
East End Previous Ben Russ from infraplan current not know
Flinders Uni  Sue Hixson   sue.hixson@flinders.edu.au
Goolwa and Districts (GAD-BUG)  George Bennett  gadbug@gmail.com
Mount Gambier Sharon Holmes  sharonholmes@ozemail.com.au
North Tce Precinct David Ladd david.ladd@adelaide.edu.au
Parliament House Mark Parnell MLC
Port Adelaide/Enfield Contact Secretary: Sam Powrie Email: portadbug@gmail.com

web site: portadbug.net.au

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/portadbug/

Prospect  Heather prosbug@internode.on.net
SA Water Previously Kim Letton Current unknown
Tonkin Consulting Tim Kerby  tim.kerby@tonkin.com.au
Unley Tanja Lenz ubugsecretary@gmail.com

web site: unleybug.wixsite.com/ubug

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Kevin Duffy yffud@tpg.com.au
West Side Bug Giulio Ponte Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/westsidebug

Email: westside.bicycleusergroup@gmail.com