Community action and advocacy

Local champions

Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) – local advocates working together

BISA collaborates with, supports and encourages Bicycle User Group’s (BUG) to engage positively with their local council elected members and staff as well as with community members; the aim being to improve local cycling infrastructure and promote positive bicycle culture. In many local council areas BUGs have established close contacts with staff and elected members to achieve some great outcomes. In these areas their is excellent two way communication between BUG’s and their local council staff/elected members. BISA strongly believes together community and government can do great things.

BUGs are often associated with specific council areas, and can be as small as 2 or 3 active people. They are a good ‘first point of contact’ when you have concerns about:

  • your local cycling network

  • the state of local pathways or roads

  • interactions with motor vehicles and safety issues

  • opportunities to improve conditions for safe & secure bike use

BUG members can also be an excellent source of support & guidance when you are faced with purchasing or maintaining your bike or riding a specific route for the first time. Plus BUGs run great fun events.

Together BUGs and BISA make up the SA BUG Network. Together we take action and support each other.

We encourage you to get in touch with your local BUG. If there’s no BUG near you and things need improving jump to the end of this page to see how you can create a new BUG.


The SA BUG Network

For email contact for each email

Adelaide Hills BUG


Dave Hemmings

Facebook Adelaide Hills BUG


Active Transport Adelaide (City of Adelaide)

Peter Lumb

Facebook Active Transport Adelaide


Burnside BUG

Malcolm Dixon

Facebook Burnside BUG

Coast to Vines BUG (Onkaparinga)

d’Arcy Lunn

Facebook Coast2VinesBUG


Campbelltown BUG

Katie Gilfillan

Facebook Campbelltown BUG

Mitcham cyclists

Keith Baldry

Facebook Mitcham Cyclists

Mount Barker Districts

Dave Hemmings


Norwood, Payneham and St Peters

Justin McCulloch

Facebook NPSP BUG

Port BUG

Sam Powrie

Facebook Port BUG

Website: Port BUG

Prospect BUG



Salisbury BUG


Facebook Salisbury BUG


Unley BUG

David Sutton

Facebook Unley Bicycle Users

Webpage: Unley BUG


West Torrens BUG

Dominic Mugavin

Facebook WestTorrens BUG

Westside BUG (City of Charles Sturt)

Giulio Ponte

Facebook Westside BUG

Regional SA members

Kangaroo Island BUG



Barossa BUG

Daniel Searson

Facebook Barossa Valley Bicycle Users


Starting a new BUG

One of our main strategies for creating a bike friendly city is to encourage people to create more BUGs. Councils with BUGs have delivered significantly more investments in cycling infrastructure than those without. Can you create a BUG in your council area? Just a few hours a month can make a big difference. We are here to help – email to discuss.  Also look for ideas from other BUGs on this page and check out the tips below. BUGs work together.


 Tips from Port BUG

Port BUG has worked for over a decade to encourage PA&E council to spend and implement their bike plan. Their work has made a huge difference with over 50% of their bike network now built. Click the link below to learn how they did it.


Setting Up a BUG – Tips from PortBUG July 2018 V1.3


Tips from Westside BUG

Westside BUG takes a less formal community approach. They don’t have meetings or a committee. They love to make their area look great with street art and greening. For more on how they go about things clink the link below.

Westside Bicycle User Group.