Bicycle User Groups

Bicycle User Groups (‘BUGs’) are community-based organisations formed to address local and sometimes broader issues to try to improve conditions for bicycle users and Active Transport generally. BUGs are often associated with specific council areas, but they can also be associated and focus on workplaces, schools and tertiary education institutions – anywhere there is a community of people interested in making better use of their bicycles and promoting provision for Active Transport. BUGs can be as small as 2 or 3 people. They are a good ‘first point of contact’ when you have concerns about:

  • your local cycling network
  • the state of local pathways or roads
  • interactions with motor vehicles and safety issues
  • opportunities to improve conditions for safe & secure bike use

BUG members can also be an excellent source of support & guidance when you are faced with purchasing or maintaining your bike or riding a specific route for the first time.

BISA maintains a list of SA’s BUGs with contact details. Please send new contacts or corrections to the BISA secretary at:

If there’s no BUG near you and things need improving – start one yourself!